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To Children With Love – The Rising Tide

To Children With Love

To Children With Love – The Rising Tide

Charity Number: CHY 20040499

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Irish registered charity To Children With Love, which has been primarily involved in improving the lives of children growing up in state care in Russian orphanages. Children living in state institutions have basic food, adequate clothing and a roof over their head, however, the missing ingredient is LOVE. Over the last 20 years, To Children With Love has invested every cent donated to making conditions better for children in these institutions, especially those who are not lucky enough to be adopted before they reach 4 years of age and are deemed ‘too old’ to be adopted and condemned to spending their first 16 years in State care. Sadly, when these children ultimately reach 16, they are released out into the world, often with no qualifications or life skills and therefore perpetuating the cycle again.

The charity works hard to provide a ‘halfway house’ for children leaving state care to help them to adjust to life outside of the institution as opposed to turfing them out onto the streets to fend for themselves when they reach the age of 16. The charity also provides funding to enable these children to pursue third level qualifications. Many past pupils of the charity have gone on to gain third level qualifications and are now the charities greatest ambassadors

Having gained invaluable experience in Russia and other jurisdictions over the last 20 years, in 2016, the charity established The Rising Tide programme for Irish secondary schools. The simple aim of this programme is to offer and apply the same supports and encouragement they have provided for children in other countries for the last two decades, to children living in disadvantaged areas in our own country. The programme has been specially devised with the simple aim of developing, nurturing and enriching the lives of disadvantaged children in Ireland and giving them opportunities and chances they would not otherwise get. The programme quite literally ‘changes the direction of children’s lives’.
In essence, The Rising Tide programme tackles educational inequality through targeted supports for young people living in areas of social and economic disadvantage. These supports, which are tailored to the needs of each individual child, include:
access to extra tuition & grinds

  • access to supports to improve digital literacy
  • access to extra-curricular activities such as Coder Dojo
  • access to mental health and well-being programmes
  • a focus on sport and nutrition
  • a focus on routes to third level education and employment & assistance with applications
  • forging links with industry, employers and apprenticeships
  • access to laptops and iPads to facilitate job and college applications
  • access to tours of third level colleges
  • access to exam skills seminars with top coaches
  • access to mentoring from local businesses & industry experts
  • access to educational tours around the country

The Rising Tide programme aims to foster every student’s untapped academic, sporting, entrepreneurial and creative potential with the programme’s ultimate aim being to increase progression rates to universities, colleges, apprenticeships and the workplace.
The Rising Tide’s pilot project is based in a national unemployment blackspot and an area with historically high levels of intergenerational unemployment. The Rising Tide scholarship programme is supporting bright, creative and hard-working secondary school students in this location to complete their Leaving Certificate and then to secure employment, an apprenticeship or a university place.

The positive effects of this investment in secondary school students is transformative for both the student and their community, as it raises aspirations for the next generation of students and begins to break the cycle of intergenerational disadvantage and unemployment, learning from all the invaluable experience garnered by the To Children With Love charity over the last 20 years.

To Children With Love is an Irish registered charity but receive no Government funding and all directors are unpaid volunteers so every euro raised goes to the bottom line. The charity runs a series of events and relies on volunteers to run their shop in Portmarnock to keep the charity ticking over month to month and all because they have made a commitment to children that they simply can’t walk away from.

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